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Most Beautiful Beaches For Photography


Coastal landscapes have a way of attracting photographers to their shores. Be it its crystal white sand, the allure of the clear water, rugged rock formations or the observation potential of the people. I turned to experts to help compile a list of the world’s most photogenic beaches. Beaches are considered photogenic for a number of reasons, but every beach is different. Some are seen as shining jewels worth thousands of photos, while others are just there to take a quick snap and move on.

Beautiful beaches tend to be isolated island destinations without urban hustle and bustle. The biggest exception is Camp Bay Beach in vibrant Cape Town. Supported by the iconic Table Mountain, Camp Bay offers a vast expanse of springy sand and beautiful blue waters.

Here you will find a long white sandy beach that looks like a shallow coral reef and breaks waves in the distance. There are few beaches in the world that offer surfable waves, black volcanic sand and icebergs. If you rent a car, you will have to take a long dirt road that leads to Tamanu Beach, where a rustic hotel was built in the coral. The beach is photogenic in daylight with bright blue waters, colorful hermit crabs and coconut palms, but when the sunset comes, it likes to put on a good show.

Look for the purple color of the sand and you will be amazed to see that the coloration is caused by running rainwater from the surrounding cliffs. It is not far from swimming, climbing in rough terrain, enjoying the views and the appearance of a lost wilderness, it is only a long hike of two miles from Highway 1. Take your camera for the amazing sight of towering rock formations and crashing waves, this beach is a photographer’s paradise. This is a unique and one of the best beaches in California.

If you want to enjoy more of the park, head to Monastery Beach, also known as San Jose Creek Beach, which is even more beautiful. A great place to stay is the Tilden Hotel in the magnificent city centre itself. Carmel Shore Beach – Go to Carmel Shores Beach is huge and one of the best beaches in California if you love rugged, pristine, natural beaches.

Florida State Park describes the beach as one of the most pristine in the world. The sand is fine white and dotted with shells, and the offshore reefs offer some of the best snorkeling. Santa Barbara City Council says there is a footpath connecting Monastery Beach to the nearby Andree Clark Bird Refuge. Nature lovers can enjoy the beach as well as recreational sports enthusiasts.

There’s an impressive bay of large rocks and blue and green waters that blend into an idyllic spot for this photo-perfect beach in SoCal. The park has two main areas, which are ideal for photography. Go to the blufftop to see the magic from a bird’s eye view. A tidal pool and a high staircase complete the appearance of the beach. Both the beach and the bay have quiet small tidal pools where the waves crash in.

In California, beauty meets pine when you reach this striking beach with rock formations along the coast that look like shark fins. The beach is located on Highway 1 in Davenport and is within easy walking distance. It has a lot of natural beauty that you want to take pictures of. There are dramatic cliffs, rock formations, flat rocks on which you can sit at low tide, and of course a fascinating sea view.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia, has some of the most attractive beaches in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The beach with the purest sand in the world stretches for seven kilometres, and the turquoise waters lie beneath its secluded bays and lagoons. You can lounge in the sand, kayak, barbecue and enjoy the sights. Because of its remote location on the Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach sees very few visitors.

For the second year in a row, Collier County, where this beach is located, claims to be the best beach in America according to Leatherman’s criteria. The beach is on one of the last undeveloped barrier islands in southwest Florida, according to the county. Sea turtles nest there in summer, and protected gopher turtles house the enclosure. Fishing is popular, and families enjoy the calm waters, Leatherman said.

The sandy beach bordered by tropical palm trees contributes to the dramatic effect. Tapuaetai, one foot above the island, is a small island in Aitutaki Atoll on Cook Island. It offers visitors a great view of the lagoon of A ittutaki, and depending on the tides you can walk a decent stretch along the sandbar on the beach.

Zlatni Rat is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia due to its beautiful landscape and turquoise waters and features on the cover of all travel magazines around the world. In 2009 it was named one of the ten best beaches in the world by Lonely Planet.

When you think of Southern California, the first thing that comes to mind is surfing, palm trees and lots of sunshine. Huntington Beach is your typical surfing town in SoCal, where visitors can watch local surfers beat the waves, stroll along the beach and go shopping. In recent years, new shops and restaurants have been added to the beach, making it one of Southern California’s top tourist attractions and shopping areas. In Huntington Beach, you can experience the best things about Southern California and what life stands for.

Newport Beach consistently ranks among the best beaches in the country in the Southern Living survey, but Balboa Island is the real gem. The harbour community can be reached by bridge or ferry, although we recommend the ferry for additional photo opportunities.

The immense popularity of the beaches of Elafonissi stems from their pretty pink sand, the warm lagoon-like waters and the wild feeling. Elafoni Beach is an island separated from the mainland by shallow water and sandbanks that disappear under a metre of water at high tide.

While millions of tourists flock to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, La Jolla feels relatively untouched. This is good news for you, because this flat rocky beach is full of tourists. You will all find the beach of Elafonissi hidden between Torrey Pines and a large flat rock. This Scottsdale Video Production company MultiMedia Studio took this beautiful photo from their video shoot at Coronado Island Beach in San Diego county.

La Jolla Beach offers incredible beaches and beautiful scenery. For photography, these beaches offer amazing backgrounds of rock formations, tidal pools and waves. Think Windandsea Beach, La Jolla Childrens Pool, LaJolla Cove and La Jollas as they are all beautiful during the tourist season and are good photo spots when there is a lot going on. The north side of Pacific Beach offers a great variety. Here are some picture book places that are hard to reach.